Metal James Webb Telescope
Metal James Webb Telescope

Metal James Webb Telescope

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James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope’s revolutionary technology will study every phase of cosmic history—from within our solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe. Webb’s infrared telescope will explore a wide range of science questions to help us understand the origins of the universe and our place in it.

Seeking Light from the First Galaxies in the Universe, Webb will directly observe a part of space and time. Webb will gaze into the epoch when the first stars and galaxies formed over 13.5 billion years ago. Ultraviolet and visible light emitted by the first luminous objects has been stretched or “redshifted” by the universe’s continual expansion and arrives today as infrared light. Webb is designed to “see” this infrared light with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity. 

This model is made from high quality steel sheets. Each model features amazing detail with parts cut from one or more 4" steel sheets. Easy to follow instructions are included with each kit and NO GLUE OR SOLDER REQUIRED! Simply snip out the pieces and bend the tabs through corresponding connection points.

This model is in puzzle form and must be assembled.

Number of Sheets: 2.75

Difficulty: Moderate

Assembled Size: 4.13" L x 2.75" W x 2.75" H