Expedition 60 Patch

Expedition 60 Patch

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Expedition 60 Patch

Christina Koch, Alexey Ovchinin, Nick Hague, Andrew Morgan, Alexander Skvortsov, and Luca Parmitano

The mission: 

During Expedition 60, researchers will 3D print organ-like tissues in microgravity, examine the physical interactions of liquid, rocks and microorganisms, evaluate the creation of novel silica forms and structures, and analyze the spreading and penetration of a liquid on a porous surface.

The patch:

The Moon landing is one of the most extraordinary feats of humankind, an embodiment of ingenuity and desire for exploration. The patch of Expedition 60 commemorates the 50th anniversary of that landing: a constellation of three stars with the Moon superimposed forms the letter “L,” the Latin symbol for 50. The Moon is depicted as a waxing crescent, as it was on July 20, 1969. The familiar silhouette of the International Space Station is visible, flying across the night sky.

Stars, numerous and bright as seen from the space station, form the shape of an eagle in the same pose as on the iconic patch of the Apollo 11 mission. The sunrise represents the fact that we are still in the early stages of humanity’s exploration of space. The hexagonal shape of the patch represents the space station's cupola, with the six points of the hexagon symbolizing the six crew members of Expedition 60. The names and nationalities are not present, as on the original Apollo 11 mission patch, to highlight that space missions – then, now, and in the future – are for Earth and all humankind.