Expedition 58 Patch
Expedition 58 Patch

Expedition 58 Patch

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Expedition 58 Patch

Crew: Anne McClain, Commander Oleg Kononenko, and David Saint-Jacques

The mission:

During Expedition 58, researchers will test cryogenic fuel transfers, study how mixed gels form and release drugs in microgravity, analyze protein crystal formations to provide insight into Parkinson’s disease and carry out other experiments ranging from physics to biological studies.

The patch:

Thousands of people worldwide dedicate their lives to the human exploration of space. As one team, we strive to learn, discover and pioneer for the benefit of all mankind.

The Expedition 58 patch is a crew tribute to those thousands who stand ready every day committed to supporting this mission. Central to the patch is the compass rose—a symbol of exploration past, present and future. The passing of the International Space Station from darkness into light suggests that we are only just peaking over the horizon, looking forward to advancing human understanding of our place in the universe. The crew of Expedition 58 are fortunate explorers … never alone in their journey.

Among the night lights on the Earth are glints of brightness – the global team and major control facilities that keep the space station on orbit and its inhabitants on track. And as the explorers from centuries past used stars to guide their way, so too does the crew of Expedition 58. The stars on the Expedition 58 patch are their families, one star for each member. They shine on as a beacon of strength and a guiding light home.