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Expedition 50 Pin


Expedition 50 Pin

This pin represents the mission patch for the 50th Expedition to the International Space Station.

During Expedition 50, researchers will investigate how lighting can change the
overall health and well-being of crew members, how microgravity can affect the
genetic properties of space-grown plants, and how microgravity impacts tissue
regeneration in humans.

The Expedition 50 patch encompasses the spirit of human exploration from previous
missions to the moon to current exploration on the International Space Station (ISS).
The red border symbolizes future human exploration of Mars – the Red Planet. Our
home planet Earth is prominent in the patch to remind us that everything done on the
mission is to help people on Earth – “Off the Earth, For the Earth.” The background
colors of red, white, and blue represent the national colors of all six crew members
– United States, Russia, and France. The six stars represent the families of all six
crew members. Finally, the numeral 50 signifies the 50th Expedition to the ISS.

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