Expedition 36 Patch


The Mission Patch:
The dynamic design of the Expedition 36 patch portrays the International Space Station’s
iconic solar arrays. The slanted angles denote a kinetic energy leading from Earth in the
lower right to the upper left tip of the triangular shape of the patch, representing the infinite
scientific research, education and long-duration spaceflight capabilities the orbiting lab
provides with each mission, as well as our goal for future exploration beyond the space
station. The numbers “3” and “6” harmoniously intertwine to form expedition number 36 and
its gray coloration signifies the unity and neutrality among all of the international partners
of the station. The blue and gold color scheme of the patch represents the subtle way the
central gold orbit wraps around the number “36” to form a trident at its lower right tip. The
trident also symbolizes the sea, air, and land all of which make up the Earth from where the
trident originates in the design

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Expedition 36 Patch

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