Outpost In Orbit

Outpost In Orbit

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A pictorial and verbal history of the International Space Station.

In 1869 American minister Edward Everett Hale's story The Brick Moon was published in the Atlantic Monthly magazine. in his short work of fiction Hale explained how humans might one day live on an artificial satellite of the Earth, in a state of constant free-fall, forever circling our home planet. If this could be achieved it would open a door to experiences unlike any other in human history. Now 150 years later the remarkable International Space Station fulfills that dream. Its creation has stretched human ingenuity in ways that Hale could never have imagined.

Men and women from a multitude of nations have contributed to making hte ISS the most complex and ambitious machine ever built. Their story is presented here in their own words, accompanied by the art and photographs spanning a century and a half of humanity's quest to build an Outpost in Orbit.

Outpost in Orbit includes contributions from astronauts, engineers, scientists and managers from NASA, the Russian Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency.

It has been composed by long-time space authors David J. Shayler and Robert Godwin under a NASA Space Art Agreement and was edited and written in collaboration with the International Space Station Program at NASA, Johnson Space Center.