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The Johnson Space Center offers capabilities in mission planning, crew training, flight product generation, and real-time operational support in the Mission Control Center. Our Plan-Train-Fly model incorporates over 45 years of expertise, leadership, and valuable lessons learned that creates a mission operations team of technical excellence, with the agility to fit any mission. This technical excellence is built upon our leadership culture, which provides integration of complex tasks, makes critical risk trades in safety, mission success, cost and schedule, and partners with industry to deploy innovative solutions to mitigate redesigns and ensure operable spacecraft systems.


Spaceflight Timelines
Orbital Flight and Trajectories
Spacecraft Monitoring System Parameters
Spacecraft Design for Operations Considerations
Flight Crews for Spacewalks
Flight Crews for Spacecraft Systems
Spaceflight Simulation Systems
Real-Time Spaceflight Anomaly Risk Analysis
Spacecraft Control Systems for Mission Control
Worldwide Spacecraft Communications Network
Flight Procedures and Check List
The Johnson Space Center has extensive facilities for testing, training and executing human space missions. These facilities can support the entire mission development cycle, from early design and ops concepts testing to training for crews and flight control teams to providing physical control room space for real-time support. JSC facilities represent the best of over 50 years of successful spaceflight along with new technology investments implemented to leverage industry solutions and provide the best platform possible for mission support.

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