Historic Shuttle Frame

Historic Shuttle Frame

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The Historic Space Shuttle Program-Mission Complete

Celebrating the accomplishments, legacy and 2011 completion of the historic Space Shuttle Program. This edition commemorates the first winged-spacecraft and pays tribute to all who made the Space Shuttle Program possible. The Space Shuttle 30th Anniversary Emblem and an official NASA limited edition medallion are featured, both containing metal from special ingots flown on a Space Shuttle mission. The medallion is exclusive to this edition and includes the official Space Shuttle Program Commemorative insignia. To represent all 135 Space Shuttle missions, the firs (STS-1), and the last (STS-135) mission emblems are included. The NASA "Meatball" logo is featured along with the Space Achievement block of stamps, as issued on May 21, 1981, the year of the first Space Shuttle mission.


Limited to 5000