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Gemini IV Space Capsule Model 1/25 Scale


Gemini IV Space Capsule Model 1/25 Scale
Toys and Models Corporation
Adult Collectible ages 14+

The World’s Finest Precision Scale Models:
Enclosed is the finest example of the Gemini IV ever offered. Every detail possible is included on this model and was designed from three dimensional drawings. Each model is crafted from state of the art composites then finished by talented artists with remarkable attention to detail. Our artists finish every model using ultra-fine brushes to replicate the Gemini IV as it appeared over 40 years ago. Each model includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Mission Highlights:
Gemini-4 was NASA’s 1st Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) operation. EVA time 36 minutes.
All but one primary objectives were achieved. Computer controlled reentry in the demonstration and evaluation of spacecraft systems objective was not flown because of inadvertent alteration of computer memory. All secondary objectives were met except one. The secondary objective of station-keeping and rendezvous was only partially successful because separation and rendezvous was not attempted due to fuel consumption.

Mission Objective:
Evaluate effects of prolonged space flight. Demonstrate and evaluate performance of spacecraft and systems in 4-day flight. Evaluate procedures for crew rest and work cycles, eating schedules, and realtime flight planning.
Spacecraft weight: 3574kg.

Secondary objectives included:
Demonstrate and evaluate EVA and control by use of HHMU and tether. Stationkeep and rendezvous with second stage of GLV. Evaluate spacecraft systems. Make in-and-out-of plane maneuvers. Further test OAMS retro backup capability. Perform 11 experiments.

June 3, 1965
10:15:59.562 am

June 7, 1965

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