Expedition 62 Patch

Expedition 62 Patch

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Expedition 62 Patch

Andrew Morgan, Oleg Skripochka, and Jessica Meir.


During Expedition 62, researchers will conduct microgravity cell biology and
physical sciences research, examine fire growth in different materials and
environmental conditions, study and identify crew and vehicle-threatening
microscopic particles found on the space station and evaluate the water droplet
formation, water flow and perceived pressure of shower heads in use on Earth.


The Expedition 62 patch embodies two main themes: first, the importance of the global partnership on which the International Space Station was founded, and second, the paradigm shifting perspective provided by seeing our planet Earth from above with human eyes. Based on a vintage mosaic found near the headquarters of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, the two space explorers flying in formation represent friendship between space agencies and the people that work in them.The shining star in the hand is a symbol of unity under a common quest for discovery, as this partnership continues to burn bright into the future. Generated by the flying astronauts, the shock wave signifies the powerful impact of human space exploration and the scientific research conducted on the space station, strengthened when we work as a team, side by side with all of our international partners.

The backdrop of the large sun behind our planet Earth reminds us that we are but a very small component of our solar system and our universe. The sun is also responsible for fueling life on Earth, sustaining the biosphere (symbolized by the leaf) surrounded by the precious, fragile atmosphere (represented by the clouds). This imagery reminds us of our duty to protect our home planet, to preserve our environment and to carry principles of responsible environmental stewardship with us as we explore the universe. This birch leaf combines the principal elements, embodying nature, science and the global alliance, as these trees are indigenous to regions that crew members from all sides call home.