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Expedition 34 Patch


The Mission Patch:
The crew members of Expedition 34 put together the following
description of their patch: “The outer border of the Expedition 34
patch takes the mold line of a crew transfer or generic resupply
vehicle which will form our bridge
to the orbiting outpost throughout
the second half of its operational
lifetime. The (station) in flight
represents the dedication,
ingenuity, and cooperation
amongst the thousands and
thousands of workers around
the globe who have successfully
designed and built a wonder of
our modern world. The distant
stars, like those visible in our
night sky, beckon us to come further into the depths of space.
‘Off the Earth. . . For the Earth’ – Our acknowledgement of
the responsibility and commitment to work diligently for all
inhabitants of planet Earth.”

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Expedition 34 Patch

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