Constellation Medallion


Constellation Medallion

The greatest adventures always begin
with a small step. Whether it was sailing
on open seas in search of new worlds, moving
west and exploring new frontiers, or lifting our eyes
higher and imagining what it would be like to visit our
nearest neighbor in the sky, those journeys began with
a small, simple step. Those steps led to giant leaps
that changed history, expanded our understanding
of the world and pushed the boundaries of possibility.
From 1969 to 1972, 12 humans landed on the moon
and explored its surface. Since that time, the space
shuttle and the International Space Station have taught
us how to live and work in space. Our ability to operate
in such a challenging environment has expanded,
and with the lessons learned to take us even further,
we once again lift our sights to the moon.
Why go back? NASA’s Constellation Program, which
is developing the Orion spacecraft, the Altair lunar
lander and the Ares rockets, will take humans to the
moon for the first time in 50 years, but this time we
will stay. We will build a lunar outpost and will live and
work on the moon’s surface. The moon still has many
scientific mysteries to reveal to us, and it will teach us
what we need to know for our next giant leap: putting
human footprints on Mars and exploring even farther
into the solar system.
This new journey has begun, and work is under way
across the United States to build the spacecraft
and technologies that will take us on that journey. We
invite you to explore with us as we work to take these
first steps that will lead to our next giant leap.

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