Astronaut Nutcracker Ornament

Astronaut Nutcracker Ornament

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Celebrate NASA with this decorative Astronaut Nutcracker Ornament.

Nutcracker is 4 inches tall

The Nutcracker Story

The tradition of the nutcracker is intertwined with the Christmas tradition of gift giving and goes back to 16th century Germany, where nutcrackers were first made. This craft originated in the western mountains, rich in ore and wooded forests. Many of the craftsmen were miners and worked long hours in the mines during the day. In the evenings, they would enjoy the warmth of the home-side fire and relax by carving nutcracker figures from native woods.

These nutcrackers took many hours to carve and were prized for their perfection and detail. At the Christmas season, a gift of a nutcracker was considered a most favored compliment. This nutcracker reflects a similar spirit and continues the tradition.