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The Mission patch:
Expedition 39 of the International Space Station Program marks the 15th year of operation
since the start of the space laboratory assembly. Today, the U.S., Russia, Japan, Canada and
the European Space Agency are partnering in the operation of the largest-ever orbital outpost
managed by humanity. The names of the six crew members are depicted in their native
languages. For Expedition 39, the Soyuz spacecraft serves as transport vehicle for the crew
members to and from the station. During this expedition, the space station will serve as a platform
for scientific research, Earth and astronomical observation and education, as well as a stage
for the development of new technologies used for exploring beyond low-Earth orbit. The star
above the complex signifies human space exploration towards new frontiers. The crew members
added these words: “The crew of Expedition 39 is proud to serve the international community in
furthering our scientific knowledge and in expanding human presence in space.”

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