Expedition 35 Patch


The Mission patch:

Emblazoned with a bold 35 for the 35th expedition to the
International Space Station, this patch portrays a natural
moonlit view of Earth from the space station at the moment of
sunrise. It also contains glowing
bands of Earth’s atmosphere
dispersing the sun’s bright light
into primary colors. Earth is
depicted as it often appears from
space, without recognizable
coastlines or boundaries – just
as the international endeavor of
living and working together in
space blurs technical and cultural boundaries between nations.
The orbiting outpost is the unseen central figure of the image
because the view is from a window aboard the space station. This
perspective commemorates the full-use of the orbiting laboratory
as a long-duration dwelling from which humans can develop
techniques and technologies to explore further into the solar
system. The crew points out, “The arc of the Earth’s horizon with
the sun’s arrows of light imply a bow shooting the imagination to
Mars and the cosmos where our species may one day thrive.”

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Expedition 35 Patch

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